Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Quantity Over Quality Or Quality Over Quantity! Which Will You Choose?

I decided to put this quetion out to hear various opinion from the audience, the question was asked during a group discussion we had few weeks ago I tried to make my group members understand my point of view because it turns out that every members opinion are different.

What will be your own opinion if you are asked to answer this question?
It depends on the situation in which i have to choose for instance, in a situation where I have multitled of people to feed with limited resources I will choose Quantity over Quality but where the people are smaller in number I will choose quality over quantity to enable them eat rich food. This question may come up in every aspect of your life, it depends on which moment it was.

What will be your opinion if you are been asked to answer this question. Simply drop your answer by commenting using the comment box

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