Wednesday, February 8, 2017

How Npower Beneficiaries Can Rectify Issues Of BVN and Bank Account Name Problem

Many Npower Beneficiaries Register for BVN with information that are different from their Bank account informations not knowing the negative infect it will have on them until the federal Government Social Innitiative Programme called Npower  was established.

During the Npower Registration applicants were told to provide their BVN in order to complete the online registration. The BVN was used to screen out those who were already on Government pay roll out of the Federal Government Social Innitiative Programme Npower which aim was to create jobs for only unemployed Nigerians, but some applicants failled to follow the registration instructions and went ahead to use BVN that does not correspond with their credentials. That is one major reason why some Npower Beneficiaries were unable to receive their Stipend. Other reasons are minor and can be rectify by updating your NPVN Profile.

However, if you fall under the category of Beneficiaries whose BVN and account Name are conflicting, then you have to rectify the issue as fast as possible if not you might not be paid.

How Npower Beneficiaries Can Rectify Issues Of BVN and Bank Account Name Problem

If your BVN informations such as your Name, Phone number, Email and address does not correspont with your bank account informations and you have not received your stipent, I will advice you to go to your bank and request for BVN and Bank account Name Corrections.

Your Bank will however ask you to provide a change of Name affidavit from Federal high court or Court of Appeal and make a publication of  change of Name in one of the Newspaper Agency in Nigeria indicating that you have change your Name. Only then your Bank will agree to rectify the issue. It is necessary that corrections should be made to avoid hindrance in other future benefit.

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  1. please, what is the way out? i am from oyo state, i open the Bank account my using with oyo state yes-o youth empowerment scheme in which the program last for two years, since then i have been using the account,this is the account i used for Npower in which i have not receive any stipend since December. Please, what is the way out because i didn't have anything for miss of living.


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