Monday, August 21, 2017

BBNaija Contestant Bally Setup A Foundation To Help The Less Privilege

Big Brother Nigeria 2017 Contestant Bally setup a foundation called #BallyRallyOutreach to support the less privilege and he took to his Instagram and shared the amazing peace of words below in his wall.

If there's one thing I learnt from my father growing up its that benevolence is not a choice but an obligation we all must practice as human being and as generous as possible.

I never truly understood the full implication of this ideology neither did I see a need to uphold it until after he passed away a few years ago. I began to meet an overwhelming amount of people who seemed to remember him more for the smaller acts of help he rendered to them and their families rather than the enormous changes he brought about to understand that true change comes from providing Hope to those left hopeless by giving the little we have no matter how small to as many as possible.

This is the foundation on which the bally rally outreach stands on and to be a part of this new down of hope please send an email to

God bless you all and remember we cant help everyone but everyone can help someone lets start helping today


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