Friday, February 23, 2018

Kaduna Resident Lament Over The Demolition Of Road Side Erected Shops Overnight By Kaduna Govt

The resident of Kaduna State lament over the overnight demolition of their houses, shops erected by the road side for business purposes. This incident happened while they were a sleep last night not knowing that their shops were been demolished by the government.

Residents became a were this morning when the came out for their daily activities and discover that their shops were been demolished. Out of anger, we over heard some of the victims saying that why didn't the government carried the demolition action during the day time rather the decided to do it at night because they were afraid of what the resident Might do to them.

However, the road side building demolition is not something new to Kaduna resident because past administration all so carried out the same road side demolition activities but was not perceived wrongly the way the Governor Elrufai administration is been perceived.

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