Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Kaduna State Launch Vigilance Service To Help Improve Security In The State

Deputy Governor Barnabas  is representing Governor Nasir at the official launch of the Kaduna State Vigilance Service. The vigilance service has been established to help improve security, putting more manpower on the ground to deter and respond to threats.

In establishing a Vigilance Service, Kaduna State is once again making a concrete investment in securing its people. The Vigilance Service will complement the existing security and law enforcement agencies which are all federal assets.

Judging from the wide coverage, security is one of the big challenges of our time. Yet any familiarity with the issue, beyond the headlines that tell painful stories of loss, injury and sometimes displacement, is the cold fact that our police is undennanned.

While waiting for critical policy changes like funding a mass recmitment of police officers and decentralizing the police, we must take steps within the law to strengthen security in our state, coupled with supporting the work of the federal police.

In 2016, KDSG established the Vigilance Service by law. The purpose of the Kaduna State Vigilance Service is to complement the Nigeria Police Force and other security agencies operating in the State in the detection and prevention of crimes in our neighbourhoods and communities.

Officers of the Kaduna State Vigilance Service will work closely with the Nigeria Police, the Civil Defence, the State Security Service and the Military, particularly in areas of intelligence sharing.

We are committed to stopping the hoodlums 8. miscreants that menace our urban centres, & the bandits that threaten peace and harmony in our rural communities. The security agencies have effected mass arrests of these urban hoodlums, and we hope that the judiciary metes out justice

Let us respect each other, abide by the law, do our duty to uphold harmony and firmly reject division and violence!

This government will not allow any illegal group to use the provision of security as cover to perpetrate mayhem. This Service established by law is the only state government owned and recognized security body. We call for the utmost public cooperation with its officers.

Source: Kaduna State Govt

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