Thursday, November 22, 2018

Kaduna State Secondary School Teachers Recruitment Timetable And Schedule

Kaduna State Teachers Service Board: Road map for recruitment of secondary school Teachers activities and dates

This post has been updated, read the latest update about the 2019 interview here => 2019 Interview Date For Shortlisted Secondary School Teachers In Kaduna State

1). 15th October to 16th November 2018: Advertisement

2). 16th October to 16th November: Collection and Sorting of application letters at the Zonal level/recording

3). 22nd Oct, 29th Oct, 5th Nov, 12th and 19th November 2018: Forwarding of application to TSB from the Zonal Directors on a weekly basis (every Monday)

4). 22nd Oct, 29th Oct, 5th Nov, 12th and 19th November 2018: Collection of applications from zones based on qualifications (NCE, B.Ed, BSc, Master etc) and subject areas

5). 22nd October 2018: Preparation for exams based on subject areas and qualifications

6). 22nd October 2018: Formation of committees (Subject Specialists for items writing, membership includes SUBEB, NUT, HOS, Ministry of Education.

7). 5th November 2018: Production and vetting of question papers (by the board)

8). 26th November 2018: inspection of venues In the 6 centres of 3 Senatorial Zones ( by the Board)

9). Saturday 1st December 2018 (1 day all centers): Conduct of examination in 6 centres, 2 in each Senatorial Zone (by the committee)

10). 4th to 7th December 2018: Marking and Collection of results: Shortlisted and placing of successful candidates in the 12 zonal office MOEST and TSB

11). 10th to 15th December 2018: Formation of committees for Interviews in the 6 centres

12). 18th December 2018: Release of names of successful candidates in TSB, Ministry of Education and the 12 Zonal Offices

13). 20th to 27th December 2018: Documentation: i. Issuance of letters of appointment, II. Filling of forms and acceptance letters, III. Opening of files and posting to Ministry of Education for posting to schools.

Take note and follow instructions.

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