Thursday, November 8, 2018

Register For Kaduna Hackathon 2018 Starting November 27th 2018 - $8,938 Winning Prize

The hackathon presents an opportunity for stakeholders in the tech sector to engage the Kaduna state government in order to come up with software prototypes that could be further developed to solve problems within the following sectors:

1. Education
2. Health

$8,938 in prizes

  • First Place Onsite N1,000,000 plus 3months Incubation at eHealth Africa
  • Second Place Onsite N750,000
  • Third Place Onsite N500,000
  • First Place Online N500,000
  • Second Place Online N300,000
  • Third Place Online N200,000

The prototypes will be leveraging on the data collected during the phase one of the GRIDB project. Highlighted below are the overall goals of the hackathon:

1. To create an environment that stimulates ideation of solutions to the problem statements identified.
2. To enable tech professionals (software developers, UI designers, data engineers etc.) come up with creative use cases and software prototypes for data available via the GRIDB project to solve problems identified in Kaduna.
3. To identify areas where Kaduna government lacks quality datasets to solve pertinent problems.

1. Participants will be primarily based in Kaduna.
2. Equal opportunities will be given to the applicants regardless of gender, tribe, and disability factors.
3. Participants must have prior experience building apps and working with APls.

Hackathon start date:
Starting date: 27th November 2018
Ending date: 29th November 2018

How to apply
Interested applicants should:

Click here to register

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