Saturday, December 1, 2018

Apply For Kaduna City Forum Publishers Programme

Kaduna City Forum is an emerging online platform that shares latest News update, Jobs Vacancies, Agriculture tips, Education tips, Health tips and much more.

Kaduna city forum is looking to hire people who are interested in joining its publishers program. We are trying to expand our platform content to cover Agriculture, Education and Health tips and we are looking for for people who have the following skills.

Who we need:

  • We are looking for anyone who can read and write very well
  • Someone who can compose article not below five hundred words
  • Someone who can write about education, Health and Agriculture tips
  • Someone who can write about any topic, breaking news etc.

If you think you have any of the above listed quality, kindly indicate your interest by filling the form below.

How its works:

  • After filling the form, we will test your writing skills.
  • We will then select people who can write original article and not copy and paste
  • Selected persons will be engage as Kaduna city forum publishers and begin to write article for Kaduna city forum at their own convenient time.


  • Kaduna city forum pay its Publishers N100 per article.
  • The more relevant article you write the more money you get.
  • Your article are only published on Kaduna city forum when verified as original and not copy and paste.

Payout threshold:
Publishers can withdraw their money when they have earn up to N1000.

How to apply:
Interested persons should:

Click Here to apply

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