Sunday, December 16, 2018

Kaduna Residents Voice Out On Sudden Rise Of NEPA/PHCN Bill

Kaduna Residence voice Out on Sudden Rise Of NEPA/PHCN Bill. According to a post shared by a Facebook user, the NEPA bill in Kaduna State is gradually killing some of them. He went further to narrate the situation in details.

He wrote:

Please help us, NEPA BILL IN KADUNA is gradually killing some of us. This month they gave me a monthly flat rate bill of N28,347.75 for a two bed-room flat(Residentia| apartment). My sister went to complain in NEPA/ PHCN OFFICE KAKURI, KADUNA, that this bill is even above minimum wage and the NEPA/ PHCN officials only said that there is regular power supply now in kaduna, which we know is far from the truth and that there is nothing they can do about the continues rise in bill.

The continues increment started about 4months ago. From about N8,000 to N11,000 the next month and now N28,000 this month. I don't know if it was because we were faithful in paying bills. We even went and paid about N15,000 last month(November 2018), so as not to accumulate bills only to see another current charge of N28,347.75 this month again(SEE EVIDENCE) .

Pls this is too exorbitant monthly bill for me in a two bed-room flat(Residentia| apartment). i dont know if they are mistakenly charging us a factory billing ..... Pls help... Here is my contact for any further assistance or clarification.

His post generate more discussion as many other Kaduna residents joined the discussion. Below is what they are saying regarding the matter:

Godfrey Yayok
HAHAH, I Thought it was only us, we also received ours about day before yarstaday flat rate almust 12 thousand naira bill, my bro says the rather take the pole ware and go with it, nobody is paying any dime,.... Kaduna state unah weldone.

Ayo MI
Bros ur own better... When I get home, I will snap ours for yuh to see. Very wrong act frm them. They shld come and cut the light, after all Gen they yard

Abubakar Ibrahim
This NEPA billing issue is every where. I thought it was only my apartment when I received my bill 3 days ago. It was when l confirmed from my neighborhood then I realised it was every where. I have decided to halt my normal payment and wait for them. I want to ask those guys if I have factory in my house. Lol

Zihyani George Martins
This is exploitation of the masses

Anthony Ogidi
The frauds continue even the PP meters issued. They are uncalibrated

Abel MG Casa
My brother same here with me

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