Friday, June 21, 2019

Kaduna State Govt Begin (SPRP) Mass Land Registration Project

What you need to know about the Kaduna State Systematic Property Registration Programme SPRP

The Kaduna State Government is working to make Kaduna better and to make land rights more secured.

The Kuduna Geographic Information Service is providing a Programme called Systematic Property Registrationt for the State as a whole.

What Is SPRP:

1. SPRP refers to a mass Land Registration project. It means a fast way of registering as many properties as possible in a specific area.

2. SPRP is a fast and efficient method for having the government officially recognize the ownership land rights. At the end of the project, the participating owners will be registered with the state and they will have the opportunity to obtain a Statutory Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) for their lands.

3. When a land is registered, the land owners right is more certain. Their rights are even more secured when they hold a State issued C of O which can also be used as a collateral to obtaining Financing Capital.

4. It's not just the land owners who benefit from SPRP, the information gathered by the SPRP is used to make a complete property map for the State. Having a modern complete property map improves the local economy because investors are more confident to come to Kaduna and start businesses. The information from the property map is also used by various government ministries to improve the services they offer. Everyone Benefits!

5. SPRP involves a team of technicians visiting every property in an area, going door to door to gain the audience of owners of each parcel or property and their neighbours to verify the boundaries of properties, gathering the property owners information and size and shape of their properties/Parcels. The work proceeds with the cooperation of the community leaders such as a District/Village and Ward Heads as well as religious leaders.

6. All participating landowners will have their property registered with the state and will also have the Opportunity to obtain their Statutory C of O.

Benefits of SPRP to the Government:

1. Information about property/Land ownership are gathered over a large area.

2. The information will be shared with the relevant government agencies to provide better services such as planning, emergency services, provision of facilities and utilities.

3. The number of land conflicts will be reduced. Peace and harmony will be promoted throughout the state.

4. Investor confidence in the state

Benefits of SPRP to the People:

1. Your land becomes registered with the state and you may obtain your C of O in less time and at a reduced cost.

2. Your land ownership will be more secured and you will be protected from land encroachment.

3. You may use your C of O as a collateral to obtain financing capital and thus more fully participate in the local economy.

Cost of Certificate of Occupancy:

Single Claimant - 5000

Multiple Claimants - 8000

Special Consideration for Female - 2500

For Further Enquiries call: KADGIS Customer Care: 09058008251 Or

Habibu Yahaya: 08060173743

Abdullahi Jibril: 07056006553

Kenneth Nache: 08060065536 Or

Visit the KADGIS Customer care unit at:
31 Ali Akilu Road,
Unguwan Sarki Kaduna.

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