Saturday, July 27, 2019

A 13 Years Old Almajiri Shoe Shiner Got An Offer To Study Up To University Level By Governor El-Rufai

Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai Offer To Sponsor A 13 Years Old Almajiri  Boy Who Earns N500 Daily Shining and repairing Shoes to University level.

So a twitter user share a post on his twitter handle narrating how a 13-year-old Usman, hustle to make a living from shining shoes and got attention of many twitter users including the governor of Kaduna State. He wrote: This is 13-year-old Usman, an Almajiri boy from Maiduguri. Because he doesn't like to beg, he learnt how to shine and repair shoes from his brother where he earns an average of N500 a day. When I asked him...

However, the tweet got to Mallam Nasir El-rufai the Kaduna State Governor and he had this to say: Where is this industrious boy? How old is he? Kindly bring him to me in Kaduna. I will sponsor him to attend a boarding primary school and upon completion until he graduates from university by the Grace of God.

This is a typical example of destiny! No matter what your situation is today, never give up on the struggle and hustle. One day your hustle go pay or will be discovered and rewarded for your hard work.

According to the Governor, we already have such policy in Kaduna State that has seen our primary school enrollment nearly double in 3 years, taking in nearly 1 million children into schools. And we sacked over 20,000 incompetent teachers to improve quality, this case is just exceptional. We have a free, 9-year compulsory basic education program in our state, so every child is eligible. Girls are subject to free, compulsory 12-year secondary education in the state. This case is special because he is particularly proud and industrious.

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