Monday, August 19, 2019

How A Twitter User Draw Attention Of Governor Elrufai To Unpaid Batch B Primary School Teachers Of Kaduna State

Abdullahi Zakariyau a twitter user shared an update on his twitter handle regarding the unpaid batch B primary school teachers of Kaduna state and got the attention of the State Governor. Read bellow:

Mr Govemor, you're known to be a passionate educationist with your recent bold reform of kaduna state education system. It's disheartening when you worked for months with the hope of receiving salary and you're not being paid. It demoralises the unpaid  the unpaid teachers and it discourages potential employees of the state.

Elrufai please kindly come to the aid of the unpaid batch B primary school teachers of the state. I'm an ardent supporter of your political ideology and i truly believe in your gentility that you will surely get to the root of the matter. Thank you sir. Let's make kaduna great again

Governor Elrufai saw the tweet and replied as followed: Thanks for the heads-up! I am appalled and surprised to hear of this and will check with the Ministry of Education, SUBEB and the Ministry of Local Government Affairs immediately. 

This symbolizes how to engage a government in a civil manner and yet get across your point.

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