Friday, August 16, 2019

Meet The Young Film Makers From Kaduna State Whose Sci-fi Short Film Gaining Lots Of Attraction Online

Some group of young film makers from Kaduna State, little Racheal and her cousins surprises the movie industry and the world with their creativity using just a basic green screen to create slick sci-fl short films.

Their creativity is so amazing and gaining so much attraction on the internet.  A Movie director saw their creativity and organize a fund raising for them to buy equipments for their movie making.

The Kaduna State Governor Nasir Ahmad elrufai also received the young filmmakers, praised their creativity, offered the government's support and constituted a team of senior officials to work on the details with their family.

Meet the 8 year old Rachael Yusuff, the youngest of the group of filmmakers. Rachael is set to start Secondary School in a few weeks. The group of young cousins taught themselves effects on youtube, using a smartphone.

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